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Why is my website not #1
on Google Search?

  • “If you build it they won’t come”

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for local or geo targeted key word search has evolved into a complex, ever changing landscape dominated by Google. Corporations and average Joe’s are clamoring for their place on the Google search results first page. Just because you have a new website you might think your work is done and clients will be banging down your door. I tell our clients all the time that now we have built a hotel in the desert and it is up to you to use every marketing tool at your disposal including the new website to generate business and get people to use your services. This is not the “Field of Dreams” and if you build it they won’t come! Websites are not the “be all, end all” of marketing, they are just another tool that you can use to promote your business and give people one more way to learn about your business and services.

  • Step up Your Game!

    Steps you will need to take to get your site and your business in front of potential clients in your area begins with adding your website to all of your printed or digital marketing materials. Business cards, Banners, and email signature sections should all include your new website address along with any other printed or digital marketing you may use to reach potential customers. If you have radio or TV commercials running in your area, make sure that the website URL is listed or mentioned several times during the commercial. Get a hold of other companies that you do business with and ask them to put your website address on their page and tell them that you will do the same for them on your site. This is called reciprocal linking and it will help boost your site SEO. If they agree to do this just shoot me an email at and I will add the URL to your website.

  • Claim it, List it & Keep it Fresh!

    Add your business to Google Maps => This will help your business show up sometimes under the map section and is another free way for you to get your website address out to potential customers. You can also boost your website ranking for key words by creating a BLOG page so that you can inform future potential customers about your latest projects and keep them informed on a regular basis on laws or technology that might affect them and the potential project they may consider hiring you for. If you wish to create a BLOG page please email me and I will create a BLOG page that you will be able to login and edit real time. If you have any news stories or positive press done in your area about your business, won any awards or completed a major project please send me the information so I can update your website accordingly and give Google fresh content to index and add to their search results page. This fresh content will help boost your SEO ranking and it looks good to potential clients to see new content and new finished projects.

  • Getting Social

    Facebook Marketing Campaign HelpStart social media pages but only do so if you plan on posting on a regular basis.Posting regularly on your page will show potential customers that your business is actively working on current or future projects. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter can be powerful tools for reaching potential customers in your area. Both social platforms offer free posting but they also offer paid, or in the case of FaceBook “Boosted Posts”, that can specifically target your region and demographic. If you are interested in starting an online FaceBook paid marketing campaign you can email me at Once you start your new social media page(s) please email me so I can add links from the website to your social pages.

  • Last But NOT Least - Search Engine Marketing

    After you have exhausted all of the free tools available to you and all of the printed and digital marketing materials have your new website address then you can move on to Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through the use of Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows you to pay for ad placement that will appear on the home page of Google in the upper 2 to 4 search paid results and in the lower 3 to 4 paid search results. Once you have exhausted all of the FREE resources available to you and you give them a few months to generate leads and potential business, then you might want to consider contacting me about starting a Google AdWords campaign for your website. Call (303) 868-4928 or Email

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