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Search Engine Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing ServicesPay Per Click is a model of advertising where you pay each time your ad is clicked, rather than earning clicks organically.

    Online marketing is more effective and efficient when your marketing strategies are targeted towards the right audience. With AdWords and pay per click marketing, you can easily segment your market and directly target and optimize your paid ad campaigns.

    The numbers show the efficiency of PPC in online marketing campaigns.

    PPC By The Numbers:

    U.S. internet advertising revenues hit $15 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2015, making it the highest quarter on record with a 5 % increase from Q2 2015, which came in at $14.3 billion.

    Global total Internet advertising revenue is forecast to grow from US$135.42B in 2014 to US$239.87B in 2019.

    Digital advertising was the fastest-growing category in 2014, with a 16.1 percent increase in spending.

    Marketers spent $4.4 billion on mobile advertising in the U.S. in 2012. That figure doubled to $8.5 billion in 2013; and that figure is projected to quadruple to $31.1 billion by 2017.

    In 2015 more than a third of CMOs said that digital marketing will account for 75% or more of their spending within the next five years.

    We give you the power to control your traffic and reach audiences at the right touch points. In this guide, you will learn how we maximize your PPC campaigns to bring in new leads and increase conversion rates at different touch points, giving you a higher ROI.

    Why OUr SEM?

    Our Google AdWords campaigns will help your company show up on a Google search for very specific keywords. Best of all we can see what your competition is spending on their AdWords campaigns by using Google's awesome tools that allow us to see what the competition is bidding on keywords. We also use our own proprietary software that shows us what your competition is spending online, which key words they are using, how much they are spending on key words, which key words are driving traffic, and what ads are most effective. We can use that information to create ads for your business and hit the ground running because we already know what is working for your competitors.

    When we set up a campaign on Google AdWords we will link the campaign to a special landing page designed to meet Google's specifications, which will help boost the AdWords campaign quality score. This landing page will also include special messaging and any calls to action that we discuss. The landing page can be separate and independent of your website or we can use your website and create this page using your existing website structure. The landing page can also be used to present the user with a redeemable coupon or offer. All of our landing pages include multiple conversion points including Contact Phone Numbers, Contact Form and a special Chat Feature with live monitoring so you can watch people come to the landing page and interact with them in real time. Each conversion point is designed to capture and convert a potential client into a customer.

    The true magic of a Google AdWords campaign comes when we can show our clients the hard data and analytics behind the campaign. This data can be used to calculate a true ROI and show you how well your advertising dollars are working.


    "I have been in business for over 3 years and have used more than 4 marketing companies like (NAMES REMOVED FOR LEGAL REASONS) all the big-name companies. All these market companies not only failed on their promises but left me in debt. Their answer was I needed to spend more money, more money is the answer. Then Jason from Tech Mountain called me out of the blue and I wasn’t really happy because I felt that just another market company trying to suck me dry with their lies and promises. He asked me if he could look at what they are doing. He called me back a few hours and explained that I was paying $40$, 30$ and yes 67$ per click with no phone calls and that is not including the 25% that the market company makes on every PPC. He told me exactly what he could do for me and even offered not charge me to redo or build my landing page. This landing page I paid 1,000$ to (NAME REMOVED FOR LEGAL REASONS) to build and Jason found out they really didn’t build one just copied pages from my website and explained how bad this was hurting me."

    After Jason and his team rebuilt my landing page and redone all my campaigns for PPC for Google, Bing and even made my website better after all the mistakes they found that was hurting me and offered no charge because he felt that "I had been screwed over enough by these other marketing companies. Jason asked if I would give him a few months and told me he could double my business with a lot less money. After 2 months I went from 2-3 inspections a week to 7-11 inspections a week with the money he told me and never asked for more money. I have been nothing but pleases and happy with what Jason and his team has done for my business. They have really saved my business and got me out of debt in less than 3 months. What I love is Jason stays in constant contact and lets me know what he thinks will be better and what is not working. And the best part is I never have worry about anything they take care of everything and always improving my PPC and SEO. I know they will get me to my goal. I cannot thank Jason and Tech Mountain enough for saving my company. Don’t waste your money or time with the other market companies because I promise you will have the same outcome as me and they don’t care about you only about making them money and you will be left broke and pissed off."


    Ensuring the campaign is set up correctly from the start is critical. Let’s go through the process below.

    Campaign Goals It's very important that we start the campaign by gaining critical insights regarding the goals of the campaign.

    Critical questions we ask our clients:

    • How will we know the campaign was successful?
    • Do you want to build brand awareness?
    • Do you want to increase traffic to the website?
    • Do you want to increase sales?
    • Do you want to increase leads?

    Asking these critical questions gives us the foundation we need to build a successful campaign.

  • Research & Analysis

    Search Engine Marketing ServicesKeyword Research:
    In order to target the correct audience, we need to choose keywords that they would use in order to find your products and services. It’s a time consuming exercise, but absolutely necessary in order to build the foundation for a successful PPC campaign. Even though keyword research is one of the starting points for any campaign, it's a process that we revisited regularly in order to yield the best possible results for our clients.

    Competitor & Industry Analysis:
    By completing a competitor and industry analysis, we can determine how your business stacks up against competitors in your industry. We need to determine:

    • Who is dominating the ad space? Why?
    • Where can we improve on what your competitors are doing?
    • What strategies are they using?

    This process allows us to identify threats that need to be addressed or opportunities we can take advantage of.

    Ad Copy Optimization
    The next step is creating and optimizing the copy to be used for the campaign. During this process we utilize the keywords we identified and create various permutations of the same ad.

    This allows us to test various ads against each other in order to determine which ads yields the best ROI. Ad Copy Optimization never ends as audience and industry trends keep changing.

    Landing Page Optimization
    Your landing page may either be an existing page on your website, or a dedicated landing page with content tailored towards a specific promotion you are running. We optimize the content based on what part of the marketing funnel your target audience is in, keeping your campaign goals in mind every step of the way. Landing page optimization includes both design and copy to ensure consistency between your website, brand message and ad copy.

    Bidding Management
    Managing and monitoring bids is essential to maintaining a healthy PPC campaign. We use proven methodologies in order to define bidding strategies for our clients. The bidding strategy is largely determined by the goal of the campaign as each goal requires a different bidding strategy.

    PPC Data Driven

    PPC marketing is tangible and 100% data driven. It is the fastest method to grow your customer base and gain leads and should form part of your online marketing strategy.

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